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Nexl Updates - May 2024
Nexl Updates - May 2024

See what's new in our May 2024 release ✨

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Activity Feed Filter and Search

Filter and search activity feed on contacts to find engagements with your contacts with ease. Filter over a certain date range or activity type or search for activity title and descriptions. You can now edit more fields in key activities including being able to add new contacts to key activities after they are created.

Outlook Contact Sync

Sync contact details from Nexl to your Outlook contacts with the click of a button. You can create contacts in Outlook or enrich existing contacts with information populated from Nexl. This feature requires additional permissions on Outlook, so please let us know if you are interested so we can configure this feature for your team. Click here to Learn more

Edit Contact Improvements

Better user experience to improve editing contact information. Ability to link multiple contacts together and choose whether you want to archive existing contacts while reporting when a contact changes company

Hierarchy Improvements

Updates to hierarchies will help improve the hierarchy feature and apply it to organise company hierarchies better, including the ability to map government entities better. Here are some updates we will be rolling out:

  • Ability to view companies that are part of a hierarchy right from All Contacts or Companies page. You can also describe company hierarchies with labels such as Division, Franchise or Subsidiary.

  • Data cleaner will now show new contacts that are added to companies with hierarchies, so that you can easily move those contacts to the right company in the hierarchy.

  • We are also allowing you to create companies without domains if they are part of a hierarchy, helping you manage companies in hierarchy that share the same domain as parent domain.

For a refresher on what is company hierarchy and why you should use it, please click here

Nexl Engage Updates

We have several new updates to Nexl Engage:

  • Add multiple custom fonts that goes with your brand.

  • Setup and choose from multiple custom sender emails so you can choose the most appropriate email to send emails from.

  • Improved UX to view campaign details in a more compact screen

  • Ability to filter campaign analytics by delivery status and urls clicked.

  • New email settings to turn on continuous sending when the email is in draft mode and to deactivate click and open tracking to improve deliverability

  • Improved email deliverability through a free email delivery and domain reputation tool implementation. We will reach out to implement this solution for your Nexl Engage account.

  • Ability to add Custom fields as merge tags. This will allow you to have any custom field such as holiday messages, RSVP Yes/No or any other information you want to add as merge tags in an email, allowing you to personalise emails at scale

Archive Contacts using Bulk Import

You can now easily import a list of contacts that you would like to archive. Please note that this feature is only available for admin users. Simply use admin import to import a list of contacts and add a column labeled "archive" or "Archive". This column will be used to identify which contacts should be archived. For contacts that have the column marked as Yes, the contacts will be archived.

Disable Form Recaptcha

We are introducing a new setting on forms so you can choose if you want to enable or disable recaptcha for a form. We find enabling recaptcha is useful if you are embedding the form on your website to prevent bot submissions. For other cases, you can choose to disable recaptcha on one off forms to reduce friction on form submissions.

Campaign Analytics Custom block

You can now embed campaign analytics in pages which allows to display the performance of campaigns within a workspace in a pages document. This feature can be incredibly helpful if you are comparing multiple email campaigns and analysing the performance of different campaigns by comparing the high level stats with the actual email content. The campaign analytics custom block will appear if you have a campaign in the same workspace as the pages document.

New configuration for contact creation

You can now set the number of participants (in email and meeting interactions) which will trigger if a new contact who is participant of the email or meeting interaction will be created as a contact or not. For instance, setting this config to 10 contacts will mean that a new contact will only be created if in any given email or meeting, there are less than 10 participants and there are new contacts in the interaction. If you are interested in applying this config, please let us know

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