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Nexl updates - Mar 2024
Nexl updates - Mar 2024

See what's new in our March 2024 release ✨

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Forms improvements

Forms Workflows

You can now add workflows to form submissions. This will enable you to perform powerful automations. For example, you can add users who have submitted forms to multiple campaigns. You can also add a condition to add users who have met a condition (for eg. answered YES to RSVP question) to trigger the workflows.

This can enable you to send tailored registration confirmation emails, pre-event reminder emails, event day agenda, post-event follow up and thank you survey emails seamlessly without having to create multiple lists. Simply create the campaigns with continuous sending enabled and add workflows to create follow up campaigns and you are all set! You can also schedule email to an internal audience to notify them about form submissions.

You can also automatically add users to additional lists on form submissions, for example to waiting lists in case events are overbooked or to an approval list to vet submissions before entering guests to main list.

Learn more about forms workflows here

Forms Pre-Fill

You will now be able to enable forms pre-filling if you are sending forms with Nexl Engage. With this feature, we will pre-fill the contact details of the user completing the form so that they don't have to fill up redundant information! You can use this together with hidden fields feature in forms to create a seamless one-click form submission flow.

Forms cloning when workspaces are cloned

Forms will now be cloned when workspaces are cloned, allowing you to start form pre-created forms rather than starting from scratch!

Duplicate contacts on contact lists

We will now enable you to choose to have a contact multiple times on contact lists. We are also adding an Added Datetime field on contact lists. This will enable you to have a contact multiple times and more importantly, it will ensure that if a contact fills up a form multiple times or fills up multiple forms attached to contact lists, you will have records of all the submissions and data will not be overridden.

Nexl Engage Updates

We have made several new updates to Nexl Engage in this edition. Editing an email will now open up in a window, allowing you access to much bigger screen size to edit your emails. Once you are done, you can go back to the campaigns page to send the campaign.

You will now be able to view form links from the EMS editor directly, allowing you to search for form links without having to look for them in multiple workspaces!

We are adding open in browser capability for emails sent with Nexl Engage. At this point, EMS campaigns can't be edited after an email is sent so users will only see the static HTML version of the email in their browser.

We have made it easier to add attachments (limited to 5mb) to emails sent with Nexl Engage with the Add attachments button. This will enable you to attach ICS files so that event attendees can add the event to their calendar.

You can now schedule emails by leaving the recipient list blank. When recipient list is blank and you add follow up campaigns from form workflows, recipient list will be automatically populated with the contacts that complete the form submissions.

Tables in Nexl Pages

You can now add Tables to Nexl pages! Tables allow you to organise in pages easily and in visually appealing ways. We have also added a UI improvement to improve indentation of list items.

Simply write /Table command in pages to create a Table. You can use the arrow keys to navigate between rows and columns.

Views Share

Last month, we released views for lists. This month, we are improving that further by allowing you to share views. You can choose to share views with either Edit permission or Read-only permission. With views sharing, you can choose to share a view for a list even with users who are not part of a workspace. Users who have the link will only be able to view the list and not the entire workspace. For instance, you will be able to share an RSVP View with Read-only permission with attorneys or others in the team so that they can see who is attending an event. You can also share a view from an invite list with edit permission so that users can add their contacts to the event and use it as a pending approval list. You can then move the vetted contacts to the approved list and send them event invites.

Marketing Exclusion

We are introducing marketing exclusion settings. Marketing Exclusion settings allows you to add companies you don't want to email or invite to events to an exclusion list. All contacts from the company will be added to an exclusion list. If contacts from those companies are added to marketing lists, we will show a warning to the users. You can also filter for contacts belonging to exclusions lists and remove the users.

This setting is available as an add on, if you are interested in applying this configuration, please reach out to us.

Contact Lists Location Column improvement

We will now show State in Contact lists location column. When contact lists are exported, the location column with state information will be exported as well.

New Configurations

All Employees List Configuration

All Employees table is now more flexible! You can choose to hide the All Employees table for everyone in your firm. If you wish to apply this configuration, please inform our team. Right now, the Tab will be hidden for all user roles.

Hidden personal companies configuration

By default, when a contact with a personal email address is created, a corresponding personal company is automatically created. This personal company is by default visible in company searches. We added a new configuration to allow clients to hide these personal companies from search fields and company lists, making company searches more focused and efficient.

Work history search for companies with no contacts configuration

By default, we allowed searching for companies that are part of a contacts work history, even when the companies had no contacts. During searches or list exports, these companies won't appear anymore, making company searches more focused and efficient. If you would like to disable this configuration and search for companies that are part of a contacts work history and has no contacts, please let our team know.

Miscellaneous Bug fixes and improvements

  • Document upload in Apps not working bug has been fixed

  • Opportunity created without entering a company mandatory field assigning random company to the opportunity bug has been fixed

  • Columns selections are remembered when list is empty, this will allow you to send empty lists to attorneys and the lists will appear the same way to attorneys as per your structure

  • Import of contact multi select custom fields with blank values is no longer overriding existing values.

  • We have fix a few bugs on pages to link tabs correctly

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