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Syncing Contact data from Nexl to Outlook
Syncing Contact data from Nexl to Outlook

How to sync contact details from Nexl to Outlook

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Outlook Contact Sync is a feature that allows you to easily sync contact details from Nexl to your Outlook contacts. With just one click, you can create new contacts in Outlook or enrich existing contacts with information populated from Nexl. This feature is especially useful for teams who want to keep their contact information up-to-date and consistent across platforms.


To use Outlook Contact Sync, you will need to have the necessary permissions set up on your Outlook account. If you are interested in using this feature, please let us know so we can configure it for your team.

Syncing the data

Once the feature is set up, you can start syncing your contacts right away. To sync a contact from Nexl to Outlook, simply click on the "Sync contact with Outlook" under more options under contact record. Alternatively, you can also do from the Nexl Outlook addin plugin under More options on the contact record. You will be shown a preview of the data that will be synced. If you wish to change any information, you will have to update the Nexl contact record. Once you confirm the changes will be applied and contact data will be synced to Outlook. If a contact exists with the same email address, the contact data will be enriched with information from Nexl. If it does not exist, we will create a new contact.

What data is synced

Following data from Nexl to Outlook will be synced: Email addresses, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Business Phone, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Business address, Company Name and Company address.

Emails and Phone numbers will be added to existing emails and phone numbers if they exist in Outlook. If data exists for any other field such as Job Title will replace with information on that field from Nexl. Due to limitation on Outlook, we can sync a maximum of three emails and two phone numbers.

How often is this data synced

Currently the sync works on an on demand basis, please click the button whenever you want to sync the data between Nexl and Outlook.

Outlook Contact Sync in action

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