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Nexl updates - June 2024
Nexl updates - June 2024

See what's new in this special June 2024 release ✨

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Task Improvements

We have made a substantial update to Tasks in this month's release. Some highlights from the revamp include:

  • Enhanced UI with a modern table view for Workspaces, My Tasks, and Nexl Pages

  • Improved view within My Tasks to show Tasks under Upcoming, Today, and Overdue sections

  • Organising Tasks inside dedicated sections in Workspaces

  • Easier option to create Tasks using inline editing on My Tasks or Workspace Tasks

  • Ability to create and attach Tasks to Contact Lists, Company Lists and Generic Lists

  • Ability to assign priorities to Tasks using the new dedicated Priority field

  • Ability to add who requested a Task under a new Requested By field

Upcoming Key Activities

You will now be able to create Key Activities in an upcoming date, allowing you to track not just activities you have already performed, but also plan ahead for activities you are doing in the future. The upcoming activities will be supported for Business Development, Marketing and Lead activity types. The activities will appear in the Activity Feed of the Contacts involved. You can also view by upcoming Key Activities only, by using the Upcoming option under the Date filter.


  • By default, you can see up to 5 upcoming activities under the All Time filter.

  • Filtering by Upcoming will show up to 25 upcoming activities.

List Performance Improvements

We have made several improvements to Contact List performance. Lists will now load faster with the updates we have made on our backend queries. Switching between tabs will not require the list to reload as well, helping to improve the experience of working with lists within Workspaces

Date-time Columns in Lists

You can now add date-time columns in lists, allowing you to record meeting times with a start time and end time field on Nexl. You can also import and export date time data. This will also pave the way for future calendar view improvements in upcoming releases to show meetings on calendar and timeline views, which will be useful for clients managing roadshows and conference attendance on Nexl.

View Name Visible on Lists

You will now be able to see the View name more easily within your Lists. This will help you identify which View you are working on right from the List, and help to prevent accidental changes to Views.

Reorder Select and Multi-Select Values, and Bulk-Add Field Entries

You can now re-order Select and Multi-Select values on Lists by going to Manage Columns on Lists and editing the values by drag-and-drop. There is a drag-and-drop icon to the left of each option which can be used to re-order. This is especially useful if you have long drop-downs with a large number of options within your Lists, or are using select or multi-select options on Forms and want to use a specific order of options for your form recipients.

You can also now create new options in bulk by simply writing down all the new options you wish to create in a comma separated format, and clicking the 'Add' button. We will also automatically assign colours to all the options by default!

Nexl Engage Updates

  • You can now add Contacts to continuous sending campaigns in bulk. To add contacts, simply go to a Workspace list, select a list of Contacts, and click 'Add to Campaign.' You will be able to select campaigns that are within the same Workspace and have continuous sending enabled. This is especially useful if you have received a few Form submissions that require sending a campaign to users. You can now trigger those campaigns in bulk even without Form workflows.

  • You will also now get a warning when you try to schedule email campaigns without subject, content or recipient list. Note that this warning will not apply to continuous sending emails and you can still schedule them by leaving the recipient field blank, so that you can use it with Form workflows.

  • You can now filter Campaign Analytics by simply clicking on each of the campaign analytics summary icons when you view the status on the Campaign Analytics page.

Referral Form improvement for Received Referrals

We have implemented a new quick form for tracking received referrals instead of using the traditional Opportunities form. This will help you record received referrals quickly without having to fill out all the details related to the Opportunity. The fields for Opportunities will be available under More Fields if you do wish to add any additional information. You can then update the Opportunity at a later time when you have more details on the Opportunity.

Sent Referral Improvements

The Referrals module in Nexl has been updated to our new list theme. Date fields on Referrals will now be exported in a format consistent with the new theme. Employee or Contact fields are also exported to contain names and emails within separate columns. In addition, the export name has been assigned a descriptive name for an enhanced experience.

Filter All Contacts by Hierarchy

You can now filter All Contacts that belong to a Company Hierarchy. To filter, simply filter by any Company that's part of the Hierarchy, and you will be able to see all Contacts that are part of the Hierarchy. This is particularly useful if you are looking to find Contacts that you know belong to a Hierarchy, but you are unsure of the exact Company the particular Contact belongs to.

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with custom fields data not populating on cloned forms

  • Workspace Opportunities Column selections will now persist

  • Fixed an issue with the update button not showing on company/contact/generic lists on some rich text fields

  • Introduced ability to sort User List Alphabetically and make Delegate Access form searchable

  • "All Employees" tab on Nexl previously displayed all internal accounts, including both active and inactive ones. Moving forward, we will no longer sync disabled accounts, so you will only see active employees. This update requires manual configuration by our team. Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to enable this change

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