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Nexl updates - Feb 2024
Nexl updates - Feb 2024

See what's new in Nexl in our February 2024 release ✨

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Opportunities History and Notes

You can now access the History of individual Opportunities, record notes and share Opportunities with team members. The features can be accessed by opening the Opportunity Slider by clicking on the Opportunity Company name in My Opportunities or Firmwide Opportunities. Find out more details regarding the History and Notes feature in this helpful guide

Firmwide Opportunities updates:

Firmwide Opportunities now consists of Basic and Advanced View. In the basic view, which loads first when you click Firmwide Opportunities, you will get access to a paginated list of opportunities with basic search and filtering. The page will load much faster and allow you to perform basic functions. For advanced features such as Export, Filtering and Charting - please click the advanced button on the top right hand corner.

Note: your existing views will only be available on the Advanced View. In addition views created on the Advanced view will only be available on the Advanced view and views created on the Basic View will only be available on the Basic View



Basic View:

Advanced View:

Charting on Opportunities Advanced

You can now create charts on Opportunities Advanced view. To use charting simply select a range of data consisting of at least one number field and multiple text fields and right click to open charting. You can download the chart to share with the team. To learn more about charts and view more examples, click here

Introducing Views!

With views now you can visualise the information in a project list in the way you want to. You can create a table view to see an overview of your data in a table and apply and save filters to a view without changing the default table. You can create and save multiple kanban views to view information such as RSVP and attendance status. You can also create calendar views to see items in a calendar. We have also introduced agenda view in the calendar so you can better visualise meeting details. To learn more about views click here

More Bulk Actions

You can now do more with bulk actions! Add tags, log key activities and add any number of contacts to lists (we have removed the 100 contacts restriction on bulk actions). More over, you will now be able to see when a bulk action is in progress and the percentage completion in the info button at the top navigation bar. Simply click on the item to view lists, see tags or key activities!

New filter in My/All Companies/Contacts.

You can now filter using a "has no value" option where applicable. This is specially useful when looking for contacts with no tags, no location etc.

New and improved ways to update current company of contacts

We have improved the process for updating when a contact has moved companies. You can now report update company using their new work email, company or personal email. Moreover, if you are aware that a contact has moved to a company but don't have other details regarding the company name, emails you can report that as well.

Using new email to update company of contact:

Using company name to update company of contact:

Using personal email to update company of contact:

Notify others that contact has changed company even when you don't know the new company details. You can also remove users from existing marketing lists with this option.

Ability to filter Archived Marketing Lists

You can now filter active and archive marketing lists on all marketing lists page. By default you will see active marketing lists. All roles will be able to view and filter archived lists. Only admins and managers can archive marketing lists. Export, import and other actions are not supported on archived lists.

Configuration for restricted view of activity details for certain user roles

Activity feed can now be personalised to a restricted view for certain user roles. If this configuration is enabled for specific roles, users on those roles will not be able to see details of participants involved in a meeting or email if they are not part of the meeting or email. They will be able to see custom key activities. Admins will be able to see all the activities regardless if they are part of the activity or not.

EMS updates

EMS is now updated with a fresh new look and improved functionality. You can now clone a campaign to start a new campaign (from both sent and draft emails). The new contact list selection dropdown allows you to search for contact lists inside the campaign workspace as well as marketing lists.

Configuration to include hierarchy details on All Company Exports

With all company exports, we will allow exporting of company hierarchy details. This is a configuration that clients can choose to enable

Configuration to allow certain user roles to update Company name details

We are introducing a configuration so that clients can choose to allow only users on certain roles to update the name of a company. To activate this option, please inform your account manager.

Miscellaneous Bug fixes and improvements

  • Resolved an issue regarding not showing which fields are mandatory and improved error states on Objective creation

  • Contact/Company/Generic lists and Opportunity list exports will now export in .xlsx format instead of .csv

  • Export with employee/contact fields will now include additional columns for email addresses

  • Projects have been renamed to Workspaces inline without vision for Workspaces to become colloborative

  • Improved Recent Meetings list loading time.

  • Fixed Currency field 'null amount' in lists

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