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Nexl updates - Jan 2024
Nexl updates - Jan 2024

See what's new in Nexl in our Jan 2024 release ✨

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Marketing List Filters:

We have introduced filtering within Marketing lists which allows you to filter marketing lists by consent status, bounced emails, unengaged contacts, tags (multi select field) and added by (multi select field). We have also improved search to allow search by company name. In addition, we have made a UI improvement to consolidate all export, import, viewing past exports actions under Action button.

Switch UI improvement for contacts with multiple emails

We have improved the contact switch UI interface to showcase more information regarding contacts that are linked. Users will now be able to view more information including email, engagement status and last interaction date. On top of that, Admins and manager can view, archive or un-archive contacts from this new modal. Learn more about how to manage contacts with multiple emails in Nexl



Import Key Activities for Admin Imports:

Admin UI Imports has a new Import 'Activities' option where Admin users can seamlessly import list of Key Activities using the flat file importer. Learn more about the best practices on importing key actvities in bulk.

Companies and Contact Admin Import enhancement:

You can now track your Admin Imports for companies and contacts. Once you've imported a Contact or Company list via the Admin Import function, the imported list will also be listed under the user's My Contacts or My Companies tabs. The tab is named as IMPORT with a referencer number for easy reference to import history.

Add Company View to Projects and Apps

Within projects and apps, you can now integrate an 'All Companies view' tab by creating a new tab. It provides easy access to a Saved Company View. For example, you can use this if you want All Client Companies easily accessible, or all companies of a specific industry. In addition, you can apply filters, sorting options, and perform bulk actions, aligning with the standard functionalities of the all companies list.

All Contact/Company 'order by' is changed to 'number of interactions' by default:

The default ordering for both the "All Companies" and "All Contacts" lists has been enhanced to prioritise user total interactions.



Improvement to All Companies Opportunity widget redirection

Clicking on the opportunities icon or widget now navigates to Companies Opportunity tab instead of the all opportunities page. The improvement now ensures a more efficient process by redirecting users directly to the Companies Opportunity tab so users can see company details easily

Contact and Company phone numbers editing:

Phone number editing is now improved for Contact and Company phone number fields. Users can edit existing phone numbers, and delete and add additional phone numbers.

List ID for APIs:

You can now get the 'ID' for a list and use this List ID for API integration. This can be found in the 'more' section of the list and allowing users to click on it and instantly view the list's ID in a pop-up window

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