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How to (bulk) archive Contacts
How to (bulk) archive Contacts
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As part of a comprehensive Contact management strategy, customers need to consider archiving Contacts that are no longer relevant. This will keep the overall number of contacts in check and the database up-to-date.

Also, Nexl customers typically have a contractual limit to the number of contacts that are being enriched automatically. In this article, we'll talk about how to archive contacts individually and in bulk.

Removing individual Contacts

Contacts can be archived by individual users on a case-by-case basis, just by going into a contact record, clicking on the overflow menu (three dots), and selecting "Archive". This will remove the Contact from the personal and firm-wide contact list.

Note that Archived Contacts are not "hard deleted"; Admin users can still see and unarchive or restore archived contacts in the Data Cleaner (located under the Admin cog, or via this link).

Removing Contact in bulk

When large amounts of contacts need to be archived, there are two options. This can be done either from All Contacts (by users that have the Manager or Admin user role), or from the Data Cleaner (only available to Admin users), where you can bulk archive Unengaged contacts.

In both cases, it's likely users will want to order the list of contacts by "Last Interaction Ascending"; this will show the contacts you have not engaged with in a long time and are probably those you want to archive.

It's also recommended to expand the number of contacts per page from 25 to 100; that will speed up the archiving process considerably!

1. Click on All Contacts

Click on All Contacts

2. Click the 'Order by' dropdown

Click on Order by

3. Click on 'last interaction asc'

Click on last interaction asc

4. Change the rows per page from 25 to 100

Select 100

5. Click the top check mark to select all records on the page

Check on

6. Click on Archive

Click on Archive

7. Click on CONFIRM

Click on CONFIRM


Admin users can also archive Contacts from the Data Cleaner. Under the ARCHIVE submenu, select "Unengaged", order the list by Last Interaction Ascending, select all relevant contacts, and archive.

1. Click on Admin

Click on Admin

2. Click on Data Cleaner

Click on Data Cleaner

3. Click on Unengaged

Click on Unengaged

4. Click the top check mark to select all records on the page

Check on

5. Click on ARCHIVE

Click on ARCHIVE

6. Click on CONFIRM

Click on CONFIRM


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