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What's the difference between Admin and individual users?
What's the difference between Admin and individual users?

Nexl has two user roles available: Individual and Admin. This article explains what features are available to each role.

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Nexl has two different roles for users: Individual and Admin.

The Individual role is designed for individual lawyers, offering a simple and straightforward way to view:

  • Your own Contacts and Companies;

  • Your own tasks, opportunities, and upcoming meetings; and

  • Firm-wide Companies.

The Nexl All Companies area of the dashboard, highlighting what is visible to Individual users.

On top of all of the features available to Individual users, the Admin offers full insight into all firm-wide Contacts, Companies, Prospects, Opportunities, and Objectives. Admins also get access to additional features, like Nexl's Reporting, Data Cleaner, Marketing Lists, and our MailChimp integration.

Additional features available for Admin users.

Additional features available to Admin users.

This Admin role is typically used by members of in-house Business Development and Marketing teams, as well as Managing Partners (or any other lawyers who have broader management and business development responsibilities.) and members of the Business Development and Marketing teams.

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