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Understanding Contact Badges
Understanding Contact Badges

An overview of the various types of Contact Badges you'll find when viewing contact lists in Nexl.

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Nexl introduced badges to identify contacts with specific statuses, making it even easier for you to manage your contacts. There are 5 different types of badges:

Read on to learn what each of these badges mean and how they can help you manage your contacts in Nexl!


Key Contacts

Contacts who have been set as Key Contacts for a particular company will now have a star badge displayed next to their name. This will allow you to quickly identify the main contact for an organization when you're looking at a set of contacts outside of the Company record.

You'll also see the Key Contact badge and label displayed at the top of the Contact record when you open it.

Changed Company

Contacts whose company information has changed will have a "Changed Company" badge displayed next to their company name. This information is gathered through Nexl's data enrichment process, which alerts the system of any updates to a contact's LinkedIn profile.

When the Contact record is open, you'll see a banner notifying you of the company change at the top of the record. You'll also see the company name changed to red in the Contact Details section.

When you see a Changed Company badge, you may want to confirm this change and update relevant contact information. You can easily navigate to a Contact's LinkedIn profile when you open their Contact record. If no updates are necessary, simply click 'Ignore' on the company change banner. If details have changed, you can use the 'Edit Details' button, or select 'Edit Contact' from the 3 dots menu. To edit a Contact's email address, open the 3 dots menu and select 'Update Email.'


Contacts that have not been contacted by anyone at your firm for an extended period of time will have an 'Inactive' badge displayed next to their name, both in lists and at the top of their Contact record. This will allow you to take action such as reaching out to inactive contacts, or archiving those that are no longer relevant.

The default inactivity period is set to 180 days, after which a contact will display the Inactive badge. However, the length of time required for the Inactive badge to appear can be configured to any number of days, based on your firm's preferences. To change your firm's inactivity period, contact Nexl's Client Services team.

Bounced Emails

Contacts with email addresses that have bounced will have a Bounced badge next to their name in lists, as well as a banner displayed in their Contact record. When you open the Contact record, the banner will inform you of the specific email address that has bounced and prompt you to take action to update the details.

Archived Contacts

Archived contacts will have an "Archive" badge displayed both in lists and within their contact details. If you wish to unarchive a contact, simply click the "Unarchive" button and the contact will be brought back into the system.

All of these badges will appear in your contact lists, project lists, opportunities, and referrals, giving you a quick and easy view of what is happening with your contacts. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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