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Setting Contacts as Private in Nexl
Setting Contacts as Private in Nexl

This article explains how you can remove and hide interactions with specific contacts.

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We are pleased to introduce a new feature that allows users to mark certain contacts in Nexl as Private.

As you know, Nexl does not have access to any underlying information of the interactions (emails, meetings) it synchs. It only shows the "meta-data" such as date and time, names of people and companies involved. In certain exceptional cases, however, users may wish to NOT share any engagement information with a particular contact, whilst keeping them on the system. This is now possible by setting that contact as private.

Where can I label contacts as Private?

To mark a contact as private you will need to look up the person under "My Contacts" and open the pop-up window of the contact. By clicking on the 3 dots, you will see an option that says "Set as private contact".

What happens when I set someone as private contact?

All interactions with this person will be removed from the system. All relationship information that you can typically see under "Who knows" will disappear. Any recorded email messages and calendar events that include you and this contact will be removed, and any future emails messages and calendar events will no longer be tracked. All engagement between you can the contacts in the Activity feed will be equally removed.

The contact will not be deleted from the system, and any engagement with other members of the Firm will still be tracked and visible.

Please note it can take a couple of minutes for the system to remove all interactions. As the information is removed, also be aware that this action cannot be undone. Once you have set a contact as private, you will note a little golden shield appear next to the name in the system.

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