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Where do the Contacts and Companies on my Nexl account come from?
Where do the Contacts and Companies on my Nexl account come from?

This article will explain the automation concept that Nexl has developed so that there is very little manual data entry needed

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Nexl's Email Integration

Nexl is integrated with your firm's mail server—whether that's Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft365 or G-Suite (Google). This integration allows Nexl to see who you're emailing (but not the contents of the email), and use our data enrichment process to automatically build your database of Contacts and Companies.

When you write an email to someone (or book a meeting with them on your calendar), Nexl will automatically add that person to your Contacts, as well as adding the associated company to your Companies.

Nexl does not automatically add Contacts or Companies that email you, as you undoubtedly receive lots of emails from people and companies that are you have no desire to be in touch with (aka SPAM)! See below for more details on when contacts are automatically created.

Although we pull names and email addresses from your email server into Nexl, we do not have access to the content of emails (or meeting descriptions). This is to ensure we protect the privacy and confidentiality of your communications—especially privileged communications. We only track the "meta-data" of the interactions, such as the parties names and emails, the date and time, and what type of interaction it was (i.e. a meeting vs an email).

Data Enrichment

Nexl uses data enrichment to add a range of additional data to all the Contacts and Companies you engage with. Enrichment is valuable for any organization because it makes your data more useful and insightful, and saves you hundreds of hours of manual data entry to complete the profiles in your Nexl account.

Data enrichment is the process of combining first party data from internal sources (in our case, the meta-data we get from emails and meetings), with other data from external sources. We use third-party data providers, such as LinkedIn, to help us keep your Contact profiles as detailed as possible.

Data enrichment allows Nexl to automatically add full names, job titles, social media profiles, locations, tags, and more to individual Contacts. On a Company level, it enables us to automatically add details like websites, Company social media profiles, phone numbers, industries, HQ locations, company descriptions, headquarter locations, estimated employee counts, and more.

Rules for automatic contact creation

We apply the following rules when automatically creating contacts:


When you send or receive a meeting invite with participants who are not already in your contacts, the system will create new contacts for them. Even if the meeting is canceled later on, these new contacts will remain.


  • When you email someone, we will create contacts for you if:

    • the recipient email pass is not considered generic (eg [email protected])

    • the sent email is not an auto reply.

  • When you receive an email from an external party, that is not in your contacts, then no contacts are automatically created. To automatically create a contact, simply reply to the email. Alternatively, you will need to manually create a contact.

  • When you receive an email from an external party that is in your contacts, then any other email addresses that are in the email chain (both in the To and CC field) that is not yet in your contacts is automatically created as a contact

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