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Welcome to this course on getting started with Nexl. the number one no-data-entry C R M for lawyers. I'm Anna, and I'll be guiding yoo through a series of quick and easy videos to help you get started with Nexl. Let's get started!

In this video, you'll learn about Nexl's Revenue Flywheel - and the ways you can use Nexl to help your law firm grow. Next, we'll talk about how Nexl works to capture and enrich your relationship data. From there, I'll show you how to log into Nexl and how to access the Outlook add-in. And then lastly, I'll give you a quick overview of your Nexl dashboard.

Revenue Flywheel

Let's talk about Nexl's Revenue Flywheel. We developed this diagram as a way to show the core growth strategies Nexl is designed to help you execute.

There are 3 main ways you can grow your law firm: acquiring new business, retaining clients for repeat engagement, and expanding the types of services you can provide - whether on an account level, jurisdiction level, or industry level.

There are two things that are essential to each of these strategies: understanding your firm's relationships and network, and collaborating across your entire firm. That's exactly what Nexl is designed to help you do.

How Nexl Works

So, how exactly does Nexl work? Nexl connects directly to your firm's e-mail server, which allows us to capture all the interactions you're having with your contacts. Once Nexl detects an interaction with a new contact, it automatically adds the contact to the system.

It's important to note that Nexl doesn't have access to your e-mails themselves, so it doesn't process any subject lines, e-mail content, or attachments. It only captures what's called header information which is the e-mail addresses of the people involved and the timestamp of the interaction. This is one of the ways we stand out as purpose-built for lawyers, because it ensures that no confidential or privileged information is exposed.

Once we've captured a contact's e-mail address, Nexl then uses our proprietary data enrichment process to search for additional details about that contact from various data sources, like their company's website or their Linked-In profile. All of that information is automatically added to the contact record, creating a super detailed profile without any manual data entry whatsoever.

With every contact captured, Nexl is automatically building up your contact lists and mapping connections throughout the firm, giving you incredible insights into your network and relationships.

Logging Into Nexl

As a cloud-based software application, you can access Nexl easily by opening up your internet browser. The website you enter will depend on which server your account is on. If you're on the US server, you'll head to https://us.nexl.cloud. For the Australian server, head to https://au.nexl.cloud. And for the EU server, head to https://eu.nexl.cloud. If you're not sure which server your account is on, contact the Nexl Client Services team.

From there, just log in with your Office 365 or Google Workspace credentials. No need to set up (or remember) a username and password - just jump right in.

For Office 365 users, you can also access Nexl through the Outlook add-in. To access the add-in, simply open your Outlook and click the Nexl icon in your top ribbon. We recommend clicking the pin icon too, so the Nexl add in stays open.

Dashboard Overview

Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to your Nexl dashboard, which shows your recent engagement, as well as upcoming activities like tasks and stay-in-touch reminders.

On the left side of your dashboard, you'll find the main navigation menu. You can use the hamburger icon to toggle the menu open and closed.

There are four main categories on the menu: My Contacts, Productivity, Business Development, and Firm-Wide.

Under My Contacts, you can find the Contacts and Companies you're personally engaging with. Under productivity, you can view and manage your tasks, meetings, projects, and objectives. Under Business Development, you'll see your stay-in-touch reminders, prospects, and opportunities. Finally, under firm wide, you'll see all of the companies your firm engages with, including those you haven't personally interacted with.

Depending on the type of user role you've been assigned, you may see some additional functions under Firm Wide. We'll go over these in more detail in our Admin User course.

In addition to the left-hand menu, we also have this handy top menu that's available on every page. Here you'll find a link to our Help Center, a search bar to find any company or contact, as well as links to view notifications, create opportunities and tasks, and add new companies or contacts.

Last but not least, you'll find a chat icon in the bottom right corner, where you can chat with our Client Services team, search for help articles, and check out our latest feature announcements.


I hope this introduction gave you a good foundation to start exploring Nexl. Up next, learn how to leverage Nexl to manage your most important relationships.

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