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Creating your Christmas list on Nexl
Creating your Christmas list on Nexl

This article explains how users can create their own individual mailing list or subscribe contacts to a firm-wide mailing list.

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There are a couple of ways to go about creating a process for holidays card campaigns, and they don't differ that much from creating and managing any other contact list. There are two scenarios: either (1) you create a personal contact list, (2) you add your contacts to a firm-wide marketing list.

Your personal Christmas list: a simple, elegant solution to manage your own contact list on Nexl.

In the first scenario, individual users can manually add the contacts of their choice to a personal list only accessible to them. Just log in to your Nexl, go to My Contacts, and create a "New List" by clicking on the "+" as shown in the image below.

From here you can give your list a name; once you have saved this list, it will appear as a permanent additional tab next to the My Contacts tab (as shown in image below).

Now that you have created your list, you can start adding contacts. Use the pop-up form to look up the names and start building your list! If you get stuck, there is an even more detailed, step-by-step guide available here.

If you can't find a contact or want to add a contact you have not been in touch with yet (or you communicate via other channels than your corporate email), you can add these contacts manually. Use the "add contact" icon that is on the top right of your screen.

You can always continue to add contacts to your list from within the contact record. Below the contact details, there is a section called List memberships, from where you can either add a contact to a list or remove a contact from the list (just click on the cross next to the name of the list to remove).

Once you're happy with your list, you can export it to Excel with the Blue "Export" button, also located in the top right of your list. From there you can pass them on to your Marketing team, import the emails into an e-mail marketing platform to run the campaign yourself, or do a mail merge to print address details for printed/paper greeting cards.

Adding your contacts into a Firmwide List.

The other scenario is for you to add your contacts to an existing, firm-wide mailing list.

Please note that this list should exist already and that only Admin users can create a new, firmwide list using Nexl's List Manager. (Read this article on how to create a firmwide mailing list).

Subscribing and un-subscribing your contacts to and from these firmwide lists is a piece of cake. Just open up the contact record, click on the ellipsis button (three dots) and click on "Add contact to list". This will open up a pop-up window where you can search/select the list.

Once a contact is added to a Firmwide list, you will be able to see this in an additional section below the contact details "List memberships". From there you can also easily remove contacts from a firmwide list by clicking on the cross next to the name of the list.

We hope this clarified the process for both scenarios!

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