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Using Nexl to keep in touch with your Contacts
Using Nexl to keep in touch with your Contacts
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If you want to grow your practice and build your book of business, you will need a defined approach to relationship-building.

In this article, we share these two complementary marketing strategies, and how Nexl can help you implement them.


An essential ingredient in managing relationships is understanding how and when to get in touch with your contacts. If you want to reach out in an efficient and productive way, there are two ways you should be thinking about these touch points.

Raise Awareness and Visibility in the Market

On the one hand, you need to think big and manage a broad set of contacts for general positioning, and to raise awareness and visibility in the market. Inevitably, one way or the other, you need exposure with a lot of people. This is the top of your funnel, the “visibility” part of your growth formula. For any business to succeed, you need to let your audience know you exist! So that means connecting them to relevant content that matches their interests. If you work for a larger firm, your Marketing team can probably help you with such campaigns, but you’ll need to organize your own contacts and make sure you stay on top of those interactions. Nexl can help you group these contacts easily, by creating lists in your Contacts or subscribing your contacts to specific Marketing list.

Keep in Touch with High-Value Clients

On the other hand, you’ll want a much more select group of high-value contacts for more personalized interactions. This is where the real attention and action should focus on. We see too many lawyers who rely on centralized marketing campaigns, without any personalized touch points. That is a big risk, as clients are overwhelmed by these institutional alerts. It has become impossible to stand out without adding an authentic, personal dimension to such content. So, think of a select group - maybe 10 to 15 contacts, at most - for whom you need to take the effort to communicate in hyper-personal manner. You should relate any content to the specific situation of their company or internal position, get in front of them proactively, building on the relationship of trust you already have with them.

In Nexl, you can create stay in touch reminders for this group, and set up tasks and opportunities to carefully monitor the status of the relationship. If you want to learn more about this account-based marketing approach, feel free to get in touch and we’d be delighted to discuss on how this could work for you!

1. Click on a Contact to open up the side panel view. Then, click the Stay in Touch dropdown.

Click on a Contact to open up the side panel view. Then, click the Stay in Touch dropdown.

2. Select your desired frequency.

Select your desired frequency.

Your Stay in Touch reminder is now set, and you'll receive a notification from Nexl any time you're overdue to stay in touch with a Contact.

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