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๐ŸŽฅ Introduction to Projects
๐ŸŽฅ Introduction to Projects

Learn about the core building blocks in Nexl Projects

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Welcome to the induction course on nexl projects! In this series of short videos, we'll show how you and your Firm can benefit from using our Project Management function. Let's dive right in!

Our mission at Nexl is to change the way law firms grow. We want you to reimagine how you can better collaborate and stay aligned on your growth projects to bridge the execution gap that is SO common in the legal industry.

Nexl is an all-in-one no-data-entry CRM and collaboration platform that helps firms turn relationships into revenue.

By integrating with Outlook, we automatically capture all of your interactions. We then analyze, clean and enrich your data and turn it into actionable insights, to help accelerate your growth. This means your lawyers and Marketing team don't need to enter data manually, allowing them to focus on higher-value actions and initiatives.

Where to find Projects

When opening Nexl in your browser, you will find the Projects module in the left-hand navigation menu, in the Productivity section.

When you navigate to your Projects, you will see a list (or a grid) displaying the name of each project you're a part of, in addition to the project's creation date and the size of the project team. Each project has a specific color and icon to make them easily identifiable.

You can also delete any project from this list using the trash icon. If you delete a project by accident, don't worry! Just contact us to restore it.

Use the search bar to look up a project, and just click on the name to access it.

Project Building Blocks

Let's go through the various building blocks that make up a Nexl project.

On the overview page, you'll see key elements like the project description, project team, and your objectives and tasks.

On the right-hand side, in the blue section, you have a team message board, which allows you to add and manage notes for easy internal communication, like project updates and related news.

Next to the title of the project on top of the page, you'll see an EDIT link. That allows you to update the title and the description, as well as the project's icon and color. You can also make a project visible to everyone by selecting firm-wide access.

In addition there is a link to Microsoft-Teams, which allows you to embed a project in any team or channel, as well as a link that allows you to clone or duplicate an existing project. This comes in handy when you want to copy the structure of recurring projects.


In the next video clips, we'll go into more detail about these various project elements. Weโ€™ll take a closer look at Team management, objectives, opportunities, tasks, and finally, project lists.

That's it for our intro to Projects. I'll see you, in the next video!

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