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πŸŽ₯ Managing Your Relationships
πŸŽ₯ Managing Your Relationships

Best practices on using Nexl's Contacts feature

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Hi there, and welcome to the second video in our course. In this video, we'll learn about managing your relationships with Nexl's Contacts feature. We'll take a closer look at Nexl's contact records, data enrichment, and relationship insights, and review best practices for managing those relationships.

My Contacts

Your contact list is at the very core of managing your relationships on Nexl. Let's take a look at your contacts section here at the top of the left hand menu.

As we learned in our last video, Nexl connects directly to your firm's e-mail server and automatically captures the contacts you interact with, no manual data-entry required! When you first open your contacts section, you'll see a list of all the contacts you've personally been engaging with.

Let's start by opening up a contact record. On this first tab, you'll see the contact's profile information. This includes their e-mail, company, job title, location, social profiles, work and education history, and any additional information populated by Nexl's data enrichment. You can also see any tags associated with this particular contact, as well as what lists they've been included in throughout the firm.

Who Knows Who

In the Who knows tab, under Our Firm, you can see who within your firm has interacted with this contact, the number of interactions, and the time of the last interaction. This information is extremely useful in determining the primary relationship holder, or who's most up to date on a given matter or account.

In the colleagues view, you can see who this contact interacts with most at *their* company. This helps you understand who the contact works closest with, who else to loopin on important communications, or who can help facilitate a conversation or a warm introduction.

Lastly, in the third party section, you'll see any mutual connections shared with this contact, meaning people both you and the contact have interacted with, who work outside your firm or the contact's company.

Contact Activity Feed

If we move to the activity-feed, you'll see all of the interactions this contact has had across your firm in chronological order. If you were a party to a given e-mail or meeting, you'll see a live link that will take you to that specific e-mail communication or meeting invitation.

You can also use the "log new activity button" to record activities outside of emails and meetings, such as calls, lunches, conferences, and more. With a custom activity, you have the ability to categorize it either as business development or marketing, to give the activity a title and a description, and to select one or more contacts or colleagues that were involved.


In the Notes tab, you'll see notes that have been entered on this contact by anyone in the firm, which is a great place to share insights about a given contact and leverage your firm-wide relationship knowledge. To add a note, simply click the "Create Note" button.

Contact Menus

You'll notice this top menu is available across all of the tabs, allowing you to easily create tasks, add a note to the contact, send the contact an e-mail, or view their LinkedIn profile.

Most importantly, this top menu is where you can set stay-in-touch reminders. In business development, consistent followup is the key to success. Just click this drop down menu and select a timeframe, and Nexl will automatically remind you to stay in touch within that timeframe. And since Nexl is connected to your e-mail, you'll only get a notification when the timeframe has lapsed without any interactions.

You'll also note this three dots menu, where you'll find the ability to edit the contact's details, update their e-mail address, add the contact to a list, log a new activity, or in the rare instance where Nexl's data enrichment creates incorrect information, you can report this to our team. You'll also see an option to set a contact as private, which, once done, will remove any further interactions between yourself and that contact from firm wide view, in both the contact activity feed and the company-wide activity feed.

You'll also see options to remove the contact from your contacts, or to archive them. Note that removing a contact from your contacts will remove them from your contact list, but will keep the contact available for others in the firm, whereas archiving a contact will remove the contact from the Nexl system altogether.

For contacts or companies whose interactions you don't want to be tracked at all, you can contact the Nexl client services team to blacklist a specific e-mail or domain.

Sorting Contacts

By default, your contacts will appear in chronological order, starting with your most recent interactions. But using the, Order By dropdown, you can sort by creation date or total interactions as well, in both ascending and descending order. This can help you identify top clients, or contacts you want to re-engage with.

Creating Lists

In addition to sorting your contacts with the "order by" dropdown, you can also use Nexl's built in filters to find different segments of contacts, and create static or dynamic lists.

You can create a new list by clicking the plus sign here. You'll have the option to create a new view, or a new contact list. Let's dive a little deeper into each option.

Dynamic Lists (Views)

First we'll look at creating a new view. Views are dynamic lists, meaning you can set various filters, and anyone who matches those criteria will automatically be added to the list. If we go to More Filters here and click the add filter button, you can see all the filters we have available, from location to job title to industry and more.

Let's say you're attending a conference in London for example, and you want to see all your contacts who are based there so you can schedule some in-person coffees or dinners. You can select the City filter and create a City is London filter. If you want to narrow it down even further, you can combine multiple filters together. Here for example, we could use the Company Type filter and select Client, to see all the London-based contacts who are clients specifically.

By clicking the Update Tab button, these filters will be saved and you can come back to this view any time. And the great thing about dynamic views, is that if you acquire a new client in London between now and the conference, they'll automatically get added to this list.

Static Lists

Now let's look at creating a static contact list. These contact lists let you add people to a list one by one, rather than automatically adding them based on a set of filters. Simply click the Add Contact button, then search for the name of the contact you want to add. These types of lists come in handy when you're creating a list of contacts that might otherwise be unrelated, like a holiday card list or a list of event attendees.

Marketing Lists

The final type of list I want to take you through is Nexl's Marketing Lists. You'll find Marketing Lists under the Firm-Wide section at the bottom here.

Marketing Lists are unique because they're geared specifically towards newsletters and events, and you can easily sync them with external email marketing systems.

To create a new Marketing List, click the Create List button in the top right corner. Simply give your list a title, select your list category, and click Create.

Let's take a look at one of our Marketing Lists here. You can add contacts one by one by clicking the Add Contact button, or import contacts from a spreadsheet using this button here. You can also use the Request Contacts feature, which gives you an easily copyable link to the list that you can share with others in your firm. Clicking the link will take them to a list-builder where they can select which of their contacts they'd like to add. This is really useful for gathering event invites, building holiday lists, and more.

As you can see here, Marketing lists that are connected to email marketing systems will automatically sync changes to the given platform, and will show you your open rate and click-through rate for connected email campaigns.

Search and Filter

In addition to the methods we've already discussed, you can also build lists and set stay-in-touch reminders by leveraging the search and filters we went through earlier. Just head to your contacts, apply any filters you like, and select the contacts you want to add to the list.

Once one or more contacts are selected, you'll see these additional options appear, allowing you to set multiple stayin touch reminders at once, or add contacts to lists in bulk.


That concludes our overview of Nexl contacts. Next up, we'll look at company records, and how all this relationship information combines to create powerful company insights.

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