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All about the Who Knows tab
All about the Who Knows tab

Everything you need to know about uncovering who knows whom between your firm and another Company.

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What is the "Who Knows" tab?

Understanding your own relationships, as well as the networks of relationships you can access via your closest Contacts, is what will allow you to grow your book of business and generate new clients.

Nexl offers a way to tap into this resource quickly and efficiently, and offers insights into the webs of relationships that underpin your business. By tracking all interactions, Nexl will automatically deliver these invaluable insights.

In the individual contacts records (show in the image below), we have created a tab "Who Knows" where you can access this information.

This section will tell you who from your firm is associated or connected to this particular contact, and show you the number of interactions as well as the latest interaction. This tells you immediately who knows this person from within your organisation, how frequent those interactions were and when those took place.

Our Firm

Under the "Our Firm" tab, the feature allows you to identify existing relationships that you and your fellow co-workers have with this person, and to understand who has the closest (most interactions) or most recent relationship (last interaction) to get you a warm introduction. This relationship intelligence is crucial for any cross-selling (or cross-serving) project.


Nexl will also show you any connections between the contact you are looking at and other people from that same organization you have tracked in NEXL. This will help you understand the how your contact relates to his or her colleagues with who you or others are connected. It basically adds an additional layer of insight at the level of the company of your contact.

Third Party

Under the "Third party" tab Nexl now shows you other connections of your contacts with people on your Nexl. This will tell you with whom else your contact has been in touch with that either you or your colleagues know. This will be useful for instance better map any contacts with opposing counsel, or other service providers that participated in a legal matter.


Understanding the web of relationships of your high-value contacts has become a necessity in today's competitive markets. You need to use this relationship intelligence to generate additional value, stay closer to your contacts and identify opportunities. We hope you'll like this feature as as we do, and as always we eagerly await any feedback you may have for us. You can drop us a quick note here.

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