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Add a new client to your firm's newsletter
Add a new client to your firm's newsletter
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Now that you have just landed a new client using Nexl's prospecting tool, you probably want to add them to your firm’s marketing list so they receive your firm’s newsletter.

Your new client’s Contacts have automatically been added to Nexl by simply sending them an email or having a meeting with them. You don't have to manually add contacts to Nexl.

From that contact list, you can simply add these new Contacts to a specific Marketing List.


  • Go to the link where your Nexl account is located:

  • Search for your client contact. You can either use the search bar at the top right or simply search in My Contacts. In our case, I will add Mari Cruz to my marketing list. Open the contact and then click on “ADD CONTACT TO LIST” at the bottom of the contact profile.

  • A new pop up will appear. Now you can search for the appropriate marketing list you want to add the contact to. In our case, we will be adding Mari Cruz to the 'Real Estate Prospects' List.

  • Then simply click on the add to list button. Mari Cruz will now be receiving the Real Estate Newsletter!

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