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Searching for new Contacts within existing client accounts
Searching for new Contacts within existing client accounts

How to go beyond your existing Contact list within a client's Company record, and search for new contacts to reach out to

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You know which contacts in a client organization your firm is actively in touch with—but for larger companies with many employees and departments, there are even more business opportunities waiting with contacts you haven't spoken to yet.

So, how do you uncover the people in a client organization you aren't—but should be—speaking to?

In Nexl, you can search for Prospects and create Opportunities right from a Company record.

When you search for a company and open up a company record, you will see tabs along with the top panel. The "CONTACTS" tab will display those people within the organization that your firm has already been in contact with. Alternatively, the "PROSPECTS" tab will display those people that are not yet in your firm's contact list, meaning nobody at the firm has been in touch as of yet.

  1. Select the "PROSPECTS" Tab.

  2. You are then able to filter the contacts by "Name", "Job Title" and/or "Location". For example, you may be searching for people in the financial services department that are located in Australia. You can then evaluate the suitability of the contacts that are displayed by using the quick links to their LinkedIn Profile to get a better sense of that person's role and expertise.

  3. Once you have identified a relevant contact, you can select "Find contact details" and NEXL will generate an email address for that person in which you can then make contact.

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