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How do I send emails to my marketing lists?
How do I send emails to my marketing lists?

Learn how to use your marketing lists to send emails by exporting contacts.

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Before you can import contacts from NEXL into your email marketing tool such as MailChimp or Vuture, you will need to create a list in NEXL. Read this article if you want learn more about creating Lists

Once you have created a list, you can now export all contacts into a CSV file (similar to Excel) and import them into your email marketing tool. NEXL does not send marketing emails directly. We do have integrations with leading Email Marketing platforms on our roadmap for 2021. If you have specific questions about such integrations, please let us know.

To export contacts from a list:

  • Navigate to the "List Manager" on the left-hand panel

  • Open the list you wish to export

  • Click on "Export Contacts"

This will export all contacts from the list and download a CSV file.

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