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Where can I find all Contacts for a specific Company?
Where can I find all Contacts for a specific Company?

Learn how to find all the contacts you know within a specific company.

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Nexl makes it very easy for you to see who you know across an entire organization. Follow the steps below to find a list of all of the contacts you know within a specific company.

  1. Search for the relevant Company record

To see a list of Contacts within a specific Company, start by navigating to the Company record. You can search for the relevant company under My Companies:

Click on Companies

You can also search for it under All Companies:

Click on All Companies

You can use the search bar on your main Dashboard:

Click on Nexl…

Or you can use the search bar in the top right corner from any page:

Click on Nexl…

2. Go to the Contacts tab

Once you've opened the Company record, navigate to the Contacts tab.


The first section you'll land on is Current Contacts. Here you will find a list of contacts your firm has that are associated with this company. Current Contacts are people currently working for or associated with the company.


In addition to Current Contacts, you can also view Previous Contacts—contacts known by your firm who used to be associated with this particular company. Previous Contacts are created when a contact's email address changes from one company domain to another.


Lastly, under the Who Knows section, you can find a list of who within your firm interacts with this company the most, and which contacts within the company they have spoken with.

Click on WHO KNOWS

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