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How do I update Contact details?
How do I update Contact details?

How to update details for Contact and Company records

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Nexl captures contact information based on your lawyers' and staff's email and calendar and uses multi-level data enrichment to add additional information to your contact and company records.

You might want to update some of the details or add additional information such as Industry, Phone Numbers and more. You can also use Tags to help you better organise your contacts.

To update contact or company details follow the steps below.

  • Search for the Contact or Company using the search bar

  • Open the company or contact record

  • Click on 'Edit" within the company or contact record

  • Apply updates

  • Click on "Save"

Contact record

Company Record

When you want to update a Company record, click on "Edit" next to Company Details in the left-hand sidebar, and update the details in the pop-up window.

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