Nexl automatically creates Companies and Contacts based on the email and calendar activities throughout your firm—but there may be some instances where you want to add a record for a Company you haven't interacted with yet. Follow the steps below to manually create a company record!

  1. Navigate to "All Companies" on the left-hand panel

  2. Select "Create Company" from the top banner options

  3. Fill in the Company details and click on "Save"

    The most important field is the Company Domain. This is the email domain of the company. The Company Domain is what comes after the @ for email addresses associated with a given Company. For Nexl, our Company Domain is, because our email addresses end with that domain (e.g. [email protected], [email protected], etc.).

    After adding the company, Nexl's data enrichment will add any additional information available about the Company, such as descriptions, size, and social media handles.

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