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πŸŽ₯ Adding Documents to Projects
πŸŽ₯ Adding Documents to Projects

How to upload Word docs, PDFs, presentations, emails, and more!

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Welcome back! In this short clip, I'll show you how you can easily add documents to a project. While Nexl isn't a document management system, it can be a convenient place to centralize a couple of key documents and make them available from within a project. Ok, here we go!

As you may have noticed, the document section is located in the 4th tab in Nexl projects.
There are two ways to add a document: you can pick a document from your local hard drive via drag-n-drop or by selecting it from your files. Or, if the document has a public URL, you can enter it in the pop-up window. For customers that use a cloud-based document management system, it may be more convenient to link to the document rather than upload it.
The benefits of linking a Document with its URL are that you can leverage your existing permission levels within your document management system, and that you can link to the most recent version of a document, in case it was updated outside Nexl.
Please note that you can upload all kinds of files - Word documents, PDFs, pictures, emails, PowerPoints, and more. Any common format will be supported by Nexl.
To access any uploaded files, just click on the document to open or download it.

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