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πŸŽ₯ Tag Management for Admins
πŸŽ₯ Tag Management for Admins

Creating, managing, and bulk adding Tags

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In this short section, we'll discuss Tag management, one of the features reserved for Admin Users. .

Tags are labels that you can attach to a Contact, Company or Opportunity. It enables users to quickly identify Contacts or Companies that share a particular attribute or characteristic, without the need to program additional custom fields.

The use of Tags is deliberately flexible and open. Users can create any Tag they like. However, in order to have some level of control, we are pleased to introduce our Tag Manager.

Adding Tags

As mentioned earlier, you can add Tags to both Companies, Contacts and Opportunities. To add a Tag to a company, simply open a specific Company and use the Tag field located in the left hand section, right below the Company Type field.

On Contacts you can add Tags by editing a Contact. In the Contact form, you will see the Tag field where can add or remove specific Tags. Note that when adding a new tag, you have to type the tag and then hit Enter to create and confirm. Once added, the Tag will show on the individual contact card.

You can also add Tags to Opportunities, but these Tags are currently not captured by the Tag Manager.

Both in the Contact and Company lists, you will see a filter that allows you to search for all contacts or Companies that have a particular tag. In this example, we can search for all clients that have the EMEA Tag.

Tag Management

Now let's have a look at how Admin users can Manage the Tags that exist in Nexl throughout the platform. You will find the Tag Manager under the Admin link at the top of the page.

In the Tag manager, you will find all Tags that currently exist on your Nexl instance.
By default, these Tags are ranked alphabetically, but you can reorder them using the drop-down option. Rather than alphabetically, you can also order all Tags according to the number of contacts and companies that have that Tag. This will put the most frequently used Tags on top, or at the bottom of your list.

As you can see on the list, Nexl will provide a Link to take you to all the Contacts or Companies that have that specific Tag.

The Tag manager allows you to update or edit the Tag. Once updated, Nexl will replace the previous Tag with the updated one.

You can also remove Tags by clicking on the garbage bin icon. Careful! This will remove this Tag from all the contacts and companies that had this Tag, and this action cannot be undone.

By using the Edit and Delete functions, you can harmonize or standardize Tags that might have been entered slightly differently, but really mean the same thing.

Let's look at an example. Say you'd like to look at a specific area of Law, a typical use case for law firms customers of Nexl. If we type the word "Corporate", you will note that the system currently has 48 contacts and companies with the "Business & Corporate Law" Tag. There are two Contacts or companies that have the "Corporate and Commercial Law" tag. In reality, these refer to the same practice area, so we ideally want to harmonize this. By simply replacing the latter with the correct "Business & Corporate Law" Tag, we improve uniformity across the system.

Note that you can also create new Tags on the system. When you want to promote the use of specific, pre-configured Tags, it can be useful to create them on the system. When users start typing a Tag, Nexl will then suggest the correct, preloaded Tag on the system. This will again contribute to the consistency of your data on the platform.

Bulk Tagging

If you want to add a tag to multiple contacts or companies, you can achieve this through an import. Later in this course, we will expand on the import function, but I do want to show you quickly here how you can bulk tag a list of contacts or companies easily.

Say you would like to add a tag to all participants of a breakfast seminar you've just hosted. Even if the contacts are already on the system, you can run an import and bring over that tag to all of the contacts in your list.

Simply go to Import, and select the file that contains your contacts where you have added an additional column for the Tag you want to bring over. Next, match the e-mail address of the contacts in your list with the template field on Nexl, and link the column where you have your tag with the Tag field. Once imported, you can now use this tag to build a list of the contacts that participated in your event. Easy!


That's it on tTg Management. Catch you in the next session!

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