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How to use Prospecting to manage your existing prospects
How to use Prospecting to manage your existing prospects

Learn how to search and manage your firm-wide prospects and group them into lists.

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For prospects and target companies, Nexl has a dedicated Prospecting module that allows you to both search for new prospects and manage existing prospects firm-wide.

The firm-wide Prospecting tab is accessible via the left hand side panel (as shown below).

Managing existing Prospects

The view you'll get when you first enter the firm-wide Prospecting tab is the list of all prospects of the firm, ranked chronologically based on latest interactions. You'll see an Engagement column that instantly gives you an idea of the frequency and timing of any recent interactions.

The table further shows the Country and Industries related to each Prospect, as well as the person to whom the Prospect has been assigned. This will usually be the lawyer who identified the company as a target. The person assigned to the Prospect should be the one who will take ownership of converting the Prospect to a client.

Next to the Engagement chart, there are three symbols that will take you to the Tasks, Meetings and Opportunities related to a given Prospect. The icon will be highlighted in blue if an associated record exists—otherwise, it will be shown in gray.

You can easily search your list of prospects using the Search bar, a filter, or by selecting the person to whom the Prospect has been assigned—you can even use a combination of all three!

Once you have a list of Prospects you want save, you can save the list as a View. For more information on Views, check out our article on Static Lists vs Dynamic Views.

The Prospecting tool is a great place to manage business development efforts, as it gives you a dashboard view of the status of all relationships with target clients.

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