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How do I set a Company type?
How do I set a Company type?

Learn how to better organise your company records by labelling according to their function or purpose to the firm.

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To better organise your companies, we recommend adding company classifications to your company records. The different company types are: Client, Counterparty, Court / Tribunal, Dormant, Partner, Professional Association, Prospect, Provider, Referral Source, and Other.

How to set a company classification?

Open the company record and under "Type" select from the dropdown

  • Unclassified

    When creating a new Company, the record will be labelled as Unclassified. Once the company is created, you can change its Type, directly in the Company record. Our Data Cleaner will suggest to update Unclassified companies (see here for more info on our Data Cleaner)

  • Client

    Use this type to classify company records as your clients. This will help you to create up to date client lists and allows you to filter your contacts by clients only.

  • Court / Tribunal

    Use this type for all kinds of courts, tribunals, councils and other judicial organizations.

  • Dormant

    Use this type for companies that are no longer actively engaged with the Firm.

  • Partner

    This type is to label companies with whom the Firm has a partnership or some other kind of collaboration.

  • Professional Association

    Professional Associations, Networks, Federations, Business Forums, and other industry bodies are important to track, as they offer interesting platforms for business development. This category can also include Chambers of Commerce and similar semi-public organizations.

  • Prospect

    Use this type to classify a company as a prospective client. Use this for companies that are not your clients yet but you want to turn them into clients. Prospects will automatically be listed under "Client Prospecting"

  • Referral Source

    Use this type to mark a company as a referral source. This is usually another law firm. Other law firms are most of the time not your direct clients but refer their clients to you. Mark them as a referral source to better understand your referral network.

  • Other

    Use this type for any other kind of company type not listed above. If you feel another Type would be useful, please contact us to see if this is something of interest we can put on our roadmap for future updates.

How to navigate to all unclassified companies

You can also use the Data Cleaner tool to help find unclassified company records and change the classification there.

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