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Adding Companies to your Block list
Adding Companies to your Block list

How to prevent Nexl from tracking interactions with certain email domains on a company-wide level.

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Nexl's Data Cleaner allows Admin users to add a Company to their Block list, making it even easier to manage your data. With the Block list feature, you can prevent the system from picking up any interactions with any email address with a certain email domain, which allows you to block interactions with an entire company on a firm-wide level. This article will explain how to use the Block list feature in Nexl's Data Cleaner.

What is a Block list?

Adding a Company to your Block list is a way to block Nexl from picking up interactions with a certain company. Once a company is on your Block list, interactions will no longer show up in the system, even if users email or meet with contacts within that company. This feature is particularly useful if you want to exclude a company from being tracked in Nexl. This could be for legal reasons, or because interactions with certain companies are always personal in nature.

How to add a Company to your Block list

Step 1: Archive the Company

To archive a company, go to the company record and find the Archive button at the bottom of the grey information panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the Archive button to move the company to the Archived list in the Data Cleaner, then click Confirm.

Click on CONFIRM

Step 2: Go to the Data Cleaner

The Data Cleaner is in the Admin menu, which is at the top left of the screen. Click on the Admin menu and select the Data Cleaner option from the dropdown. (Please note that the Admin menu is only accessible to Admin users.)

Click on Data Cleaner

Step 3: Go to Archived Companies

In the Data Cleaner, make sure you're toggled to Companies (not Contacts) in the top right of the screen. Then, select the Archived tab.


7. Click on BLOCK

Click on BLOCK

Step 4: Block the Company

Find the company you want to add to the Block list, and then click the Block button to the right of that company's record. You will see a popup asking you to confirm that you want to add the company to the Block List. Click the Confirm button within that popup to complete the Block action.

Click on CONFIRM

What happens once a company is blocked?

Note that once a company has been added to the Block list, the system will no longer pick up any interactions with any email addresses associated with that company's domain, across the entire firm.

Please proceed with caution and think carefully before adding a company to your Block list. THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE.

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