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Why re-engaging past clients is so efficient, and how to use Nexl's Re-Engage tool to help you do it!

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What is re-engaging, and why should I do it?

Re-engaging is simply the process of getting back in touch with clients you've lost contact with, and re-establishing an active relationship.

When thinking about business development we tend to think in term of finding new clients, but there is so much value in re-engaging past clients. Your past clients are one of the best sources of new business. It's much more effective and cost-efficient to market to existing clients, who already know and trust you.

And the benefits of re-engaging aren't just limited to clients. In addition to re-engaging past clients, this can also help you re-engage past referral sources, and any other business relationships you want to revive.

What is Nexl's Re-engage tool?

Nexl's Re-engage tool is specifically designed to show you the clients with whom you've gradually lost touch. Using our proprietary algorithm, Nexl analyzes variables like number of interactions and time since last contact to automatically identify relationships with the highest potential for re-engagement.

How can I use Nexl for re-engaging?

Log in to Nexl ( and go to the Re-engage page. Here you will find a list of relationships you are losing touch with. Browse through the list and try to find a relationship you would like to re-engage and re-activate.

The list can be filtered by Relationship Partner (internal owner), company type, or even using the open search bar to quickly find a specific company. For example, you can choose to filter the list by “Clients” to identify past clients you might have lost touch with.

Click on the company or client you would like to re-engage. On the company overview page, you will be able to see who within your firm has the strongest relationship with a given contact. Pick the most suitable person to reach out to them via email.

Simply ask how they are, try to mention something personal and ask if they are free for a call sometime. This email is not to try to win business, it’s all about reconnecting first.

Once you've re-engaged with someone, set a Stay-In-Touch Reminder to continue nurturing the relationship. By reaching out on a regular basis, your name will stay top-of-mind, making you the first person they think to call when they need legal help.

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